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Important points to look out for when applying for life insurance!

Licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP)

Confirm that the brokerage or insurer you are working with is indeed licensed with the Financial Services Board (FSB) and has a valid FSP number.

Medical Testing / Underwriting               

Check whether your insurer does your medicals upfront or at/after death for underwriting purposes. Please note that when no initial underwriting is done, but only at death, the entry into a life policy is relatively easy, but the risks a life covered undertakes, when it comes to non-payout, are very high.

Even if upfront medicals are tedious at times you can reassure yourself that the insurer knows exactly the risks involved in insuring your life and will bill you (in your monthly premiums) accordingly, thus you need not worry about whether your insurer will pay out or not when you pass away.

Answer truthfully

At all times answer all questions as thoroughly and truthfully as possible. You will enable your insurer to underwrite your risk profile fairly and you will avoid any surprises later on. Even if some of the questions are a bit personal you must remember that and very importantly confirm with your registered FSP’s whether they are committed to protecting your privacy and that your personal information will not be disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Premium Patterns over the span of your life or term

Do not be fooled by a cheap initial premium quote per month! Please ensure that you thoroughly read through your policy quotes before accepting any quotations. The most important thing to look out for is what amount your premium will be in 5,-10,-15,-20, etc. years’ time. Make sure that you understand by how much your premium increases over time or certain time periods and how that affects your cover/insured amount. You do not want to be in a situation where your monthly premiums are so high at a certain stage in your life that you need to switch insurers, but at that stage your age profile affects you very negatively with any other insurers.

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