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Disability Cover Policies

When an incident happens and leaves a person unable to either perform normal bodily, mental emotional functions that person is deemed disabled in some form. This agreement offers a person a variety of insurance options to protect the insured person and his/her family financially, either by paying out a large once off amount or a monthly amount to cover day-to-day expenses. Examples: Bodily Function Insurance, Occupation Insurance, Temporary Disabled Insurance, etc.

Life Insurance/cover policies in the event of disability:

Disability insurance is usually a benefit associated with life insurance, but can be its own standalone policy. Disability insurance pays out in the event that insured suffers an accident and is left disabled. The amount paid out depends on the type of disability:

Functional / Physical Impairment disability:

Functional disability insurance is cheaper than other forms of disability insurance your claiming rights is not linked to a specific function or skill, but whether you can function in tasks of everyday life.

Occupational disability:

More expensive in terms of premiums than functional disability, occupational disability pays out in the event that the policyholder suffers an injury and unable to perform his or her occupation. This type of insurance is important for the insured if he/she has a specific skill, education or training background to perform the expected duties and due to the type of disability they have endured makes this impossible. The insurance company may specify that the insured’s disability may cause retrenchment at a specific company, but other companies will still be willing to employ, thus not paying out the sum insured. Be rest assured there is also other insurance options for this type of disability insurance.

Temporary disability:

Most disability insurance policies will pay out for temporary disability as a benefit. This cover usually substitutes the income lost while the insured recovers from the disability. If you need advice on how much cover you need or just need an online calculator, follow this link:

Occupation Cover policies:

Also known as salary protection, pays out should the policyholder experience an event which renders him or her unable to earn a living.

Occupational cover for disability or severe illness: 

Should the insured suffer a personal injury , then the occupation insurance or salary protection will pay out a lump sum or a monthly amount to enable the insured to survive without an income.

Retrenchment cover:

Although not classified as salary protection, retrenchment cover is a type of occupation insurance. Retrenchment cover is insurance for debt repayments and premiums. If the insured loses his or her job by means of retrenchment, then the insurance company will pay his or her mortgage, car installments and insurance premiums for six months until he or she finds a new job. Retrenchment cover only pays out for retrenchment (which is when an individual loses his or her job because the company for which he or she works cannot afford to pay salaries). If the insured quits his or her job or gets fired, then the retrenchment cover does not pay out.

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